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Mar 19, 2011 - 21:33

Gekkó joined

I am happy to announce,

Another small site, Gekkó, has joined the wechall network since a few days.
It is a new hungarian site with currently 10 challenges involving a storyline.

It is considered to transalte the site to english, if there are volunteers.

Thanks go out to encse for creating the site and the needed scripts!

As always we wish you happy challenging Smile

Mar 04, 2011 - 20:16

W3Challs joined

I am happy to announce Smile

W3Challs is now ranked in our small network.
This site is from awe, and the sitename is a wordplay with the w3consortium.
The site is completely handmade, which i usually prefer for most websites.

The site is rather new and currently offers around 60 challenges, with quites some exploits,cryptos and other usual categories.
The content is available in english and french, so all challengers can enjoy their stay.

Of course i like to thank awe for implementing the needed scripts and joining wechall Smile

Happy Challenging!

Feb 14, 2011 - 22:42

Revolution Elite

I am happy to announce that,

Revolution Elite is now participating in the wechall rankings.
It is a real puzzle site, with all the classic categories, and currently offers 44 quite difficult challenges.

I only got time for a short review, and i could not manage to solve the very first riddles.
The challenges are grouped by "cases", which gave me the look and feel of a CSI Miama storyline.

Thanks go out to sabretooth for creating the site as well as the needed scripts.

So, if you love puzzles, sabre and me wish you
Happy Challenging!

Jan 25, 2011 - 12:10

Root-Me Joined

I am happy to announce that another site is participating in the rankings. is a rather new challenge site, focused on web-and real hacking.
Especially interesting should be the "Capture the flag" challenges, where you have to root a virtual machine to get the validation flag

Many thanks to the staff at for joining us and g0uz for writing the needed scripts!

Note: The usernames on root-me are case sensitive. Keep that in mind when linking accounts.

Happy Challenging Smile

Dec 27, 2010 - 23:06

SPOJ joined

I am happy to announce...
... that Santa got another late gift for us.

SPOJ (SPhere Online Judge) implemented the wechall scripts, and joined our network.

SPOJ differs from other participating sites, as you have to submit your code and it gets executed and tested for correctness on their servers.
You are offered 1995 programming challenges whereas 44 programming languages are currently supported.
It is available in 4 human languages: english, Polish, Brazilan/Portuguese and Viatnamese, but i sticked with the english for my first impression.

Many thanks go out to kopringo for implementing the needed scripts, and of course to the whole staff over at SPOJ.

You might wonder about the high score of SPOJ here. The current algorithms reflect the huge number of challenges this way, and we will see how well it works.

What now is left to say is
Merry Happy Challenging!

EDIT: Here is some explaination of the scoring on SPOJ itself:

Oct 03, 2010 - 18:02

Security Traps joined

I am happy to announce...
that Security Traps joined the wechall network.
It is a brand new site with a simple and nice design, created by Mawekl
and currently offers 12 challenges, mostly from the javascript and exploit category.
Additionally there are five small signup challenges, which you need to solve to register,
as well as some hidden "eastereggs" / bugs on the site itself which give points too.

The user interface on the site is available in polish and english, the challenges/code/ciphertext is presented in english.

I wish the site a good start and many users that try it out,
and everyone else

Happy Challenging!

Sep 08, 2010 - 17:47

WeChall4 Contest

Dear Challengers,

I am happy to announce ... the WeChall4 contest:

Meanwhile we have 52 challenges of, in my humple opinion, high quality (with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions).

All of them should be solveable, and the majority of them is pretty straight forward and also fun and educative.

I challenge you to beat them all!

The first two persons who are able to solve all the WeChall challenges, will win a WeChall T-shirt, autographed by myself, and in a design of your choice.

All fellow players who solve them all will win an email account on

I hope you like the idea, and i wish you good luck and

Happy Challenging!

Aug 27, 2010 - 22:54

WeChall4 Released

Of course some of you have noticed that there was a lot of trouble with the website today.
The old hoster has fusioned with another hoster, and there is a complete mess now in their datacenters.
We took the oportunity, and moved wechall to my cheap vserver and also released WeChall4.

I installed latest WeChall4 + a database backup that is around 7 days old.
In case we get access to the old server any soon, i might re-install with a more recent database.,

It might be possible that your account got lost, or other changes / updates you made in the last 7 days
We are very sorry for that inconvinience, but hey, we are back ;)

WeChall4 was not really ready for a realease, but i hope we will find all the new bugs sooner or later Smile
For some changelog, please look into the forum, there is some post about major changes.

Please report any error you encounter, i think there are still plenty.

All in all I hope you like the new site, and get familiar with the new look&feel soon.

Happy Challenging!

Aug 13, 2010 - 21:27

HackBBS joined

HackBBS joined

I am happy to announce, that a new site is participating in the wechall rankings.
HackBBS is a french site, with a quite large userbase.
It is using an external phpbb forum, to keep the challenge and forum stuff apart, as the eternal goal on the site is to break into the server.

The site offers currently 84 challenges from the usual categories, but seems focused on exploit/hacking challenges.
According to the Admin, you are encouraged and allowed to crack the server by all means Smile
Of course, you should not interrupt the server from it`s normal operation.
Also there are some "shell" challenges available, and all (but one) of the exploit challenges are real and not simulated.
Of course, to get your own impression, you have to try the site out!

Many thanks go out to it`s Admin, Korigan for implementing the needed scripts,
as well as kev1 and harry41 for contacting the admin in a proper and private way.

Happy Challenging!

Jun 27, 2010 - 14:01

Tools & Design joined

Dear Challengers,

I am happy to announce that a new site is participating and has been put into scoring now. is a classic challenge site that currently offers 83 challenges, mostly focused on webhacking,
but you will also find extra sections for Logic, Programming and Cracking. Of course, some crypto and stegano is involved too.

I settled the basescore to 10,000 as i think all sites will get the 10k any soon (with one or two exceptions).

The site is integrated into a 3rd party software, and seems to have a few problems with usability. But that won`t stop a skilled player to solve the challenges there Smile

- If you can`t get a challenge mark as solved, try to logout/login again. It seems that the first auto-login does not set all cookies, or there is another problem with the first auto-login.
- The username on the site seems case-sensitive. Keep that in mind when linking accounts

Last but not least i want to inform you that there have been problems with my email account on wechall.
It might be that some emails got lost due a spam-filter.
If you have sent me an email and i did not answer, please send the mail(s) again.

Happy Challenging!

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