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Apr 01, 2012 - 13:43

hacking.allowed joined

I am happy to announce!

epoch_qwert has created a new wargame site called "hacking.allowed".
The first challenges are the same as on thebackupbox, but there await you also a lot of new exploits.
The level layout has changed from the linear one-by-one to a non-linear sheme, so you can try each challenge without solving the preceding ones.
Again the box is running NetBSD and you are also welcome trying to own the box completely. Thus he called it "hacking.allowed".
Beside having fun with the challenges you get a free shell account too, and would also be allowed to host small html-only websites.
Personally it's nice to see epoch is still creating challenges, and offers us the opportunity to become real *nix hackers.

Of course we both wish you
Happy Challenging!
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