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Comments on ae27ff
crashdemons9crashdemonsMay 17, 2017 - 17:23:08Goto last post191018034
Challenge: Experience
what's the task?
Vao5AbinmorthMay 17, 2017 - 05:16:21Goto last post515127
Challenge: Training: Regex
Why I can match the wechall3?
junfengwuhu2dloserMay 15, 2017 - 08:07:33Goto last post00120
Challenge: Training: Warchall - The Beginning
Can't reset the password
Cooad12GizmoreMay 10, 2017 - 12:20:16Goto last post772392
Challenge: Training: Regex
Level 3
Osei2dloserMay 07, 2017 - 14:55:19Goto last post00890
Comments on Challengeland
livinskull2thefinderMay 05, 2017 - 10:53:32Goto last post229079
Comments on OverTheWire
benito25534dloserMay 01, 2017 - 18:58:57Goto last post2723113764
Challenge: Wanda
What am I looking for?
Raydrian3GizmoreApr 21, 2017 - 23:43:53Goto last post003755
Comments on Solve Me
b1nary7dloserApr 17, 2017 - 09:57:57Goto last post004835
Usergroup: BDCyber
IRC Channel
BoomerG1BoomerGApr 11, 2017 - 01:02:09Goto last post111401
Comments on Right-Answer
Spaulding38EtoilineApr 06, 2017 - 19:48:03Goto last post543076450
Challenge: Guesswork
First topic
Cobruto8superbiaApr 05, 2017 - 21:08:43Goto last post14717096
Comments on World of Wargame
hds4dokyriakApr 02, 2017 - 12:01:10Goto last post0114491
Comments on TheBlackSheep
elasolova2kumausMar 30, 2017 - 17:15:33Goto last post1015476
Comments on Hacking-Challenges
lxf421lxf42Mar 27, 2017 - 19:56:17Goto last post0017209

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dloser @disconnect3d: could it have anything to do with the fact that you linked the account as disconnected, but are now called disconnect3d? Try unlinking and linking again.
crashdemons tfw you reply to a thread but your post is invisble except from the reply page
hepstar how to wechall join us my challenge site?
hepstar How do I put my wargame site on the sites tab?
dloser Scroll down; click Join Us.
hepstar I do not really speak English so I can not follow that manual. ;( I've already created validatemail.php and userscore.php. so I asked my friend could I ask to gizmore. the response is yes.
hepstar Or ... can somebody help me?
dloser You can PM me or send a contact mail. In any case, we'll still have to ask you in English to do what's on the Join Us page. ;)
2071589022 @dloser Please let me know contact e-mail address
hepstar dloser Please let me know contact e-mail address
MouthLess i can't seem to get enigmagroup account to link. do i have to be enigmaclusive?