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dimooz your link, this game is pretty additctive, reminds me about 2042 ^^
dimooz 2048 oops
1080821142 pwn0
hagier 30
3026389746 I have a problem with activation code. I registered several times and everytime the response is: "An error occured during activation."
3026389746 If you keep them stored, one of them was: aGa2niJSwkdcKind. I just click on the activation link from the email and I get the above message.
3026389746 $ua = GDO::table('GWF_UserActivation'); if (false === ($row = $ua->getBy('token', $token))) { return $module->error('err_activate'); }
3026389746 Never mind, the way you format the activation mail made it so that I didn't notice every activation code had the word "Kind" appended to it :).
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vlad hello
alibaba challengeland