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Nov 22, 2012 - 20:09 joined

We are happy to announce...

Another new challenge site has spawned and joined the wechall network. left the alpha stage and officially launched approximately 2 weeks ago and already offers 52 challenges, ready to get solved.
The focus is currently on cryptography, webhacking, stegano and programming. According to the owner, it is planned to add more realistics, and there are some crackits in the queue.
There is currently a competition running, for which the author of the best challenge that got sent in gets a raspberry pi as a prize.

Some words about the admin Smile
Sepehr is 22 years old, studies, and works in the computer support.
He started on, and after it went down decided to code his own challenge site.
CYH is the result, and with many thanks to the admin for joining, we wish you...

Happy Challenging!

Oct 12, 2012 - 19:45

Wixxerd joined

We are pleased to welcome a new site to our wechall family: Wixxerd
From what I have seen so far, the site seems suitable for beginners and some of the harder challenges here could get the more experienced thinking a little too.
The site is hopefully set to grow in future, when more of its older challenges are reimplemented for it´s new code structure and give a greater input to our community.
So we give thanks to the admin for setting up the needed scripts and simply say welcome Wixxerd, and we wish you all Happy Challenging!

sabretooth on behalf of the WeChall team

Apr 20, 2012 - 13:36

SuNiNaTaS joined

I am happy to announce that another challenge site has joined wechall. is another site from south korea, and currently offers 15 challenges in total from the exploit, cracking and forensic categories.
The main language is korean, but the challenge part is available in english too. Unlike most other sites this one is written in, and you maybe can find some exploits for that platform there as well.
The site is rather new, launched in April the first this year, and it's admin is 39 years old and the leader of a pentest team.

Thanks go out to suninatas for writing the required scripts and we wish you ...
Happy Challenging!

Apr 13, 2012 - 21:01

WeChall TShirth Contest - II

We are happy to announce ...
Some generous member has donated 100 euros which i will invest in three more official wechall tshirts.
Your mission is easi(ly explained): Just solve all the wechall challenges and win an original wechall tshirt.

Big big thanks to that anonymous person to make this possible.

Excluded from the contest are people that have a shirt already.

We wish you ... Happy Challenging!

Apr 10, 2012 - 17:17

Reversing.Kr joined

The news come a bit late, but i am happy to announce that a new challenge site has joined.
Reversing.Kr has it's focus on reversing and cracking applications on the most popular operating systems.
The site is very new, soon be a month old, and i guess we will see some nice changes and additions in future.
I hope i chose the correct country this time on my own and special thanks go out to Gogil for implementing the needed scripts.

Of course we all wish you.
Happy Challenging!

Apr 01, 2012 - 13:43

hacking.allowed joined

I am happy to announce!

epoch_qwert has created a new wargame site called "hacking.allowed".
The first challenges are the same as on thebackupbox, but there await you also a lot of new exploits.
The level layout has changed from the linear one-by-one to a non-linear sheme, so you can try each challenge without solving the preceding ones.
Again the box is running NetBSD and you are also welcome trying to own the box completely. Thus he called it "hacking.allowed".
Beside having fun with the challenges you get a free shell account too, and would also be allowed to host small html-only websites.
Personally it's nice to see epoch is still creating challenges, and offers us the opportunity to become real *nix hackers.

Of course we both wish you
Happy Challenging!

Jan 13, 2012 - 01:40

Halls of Valhalla joined

I am happy to announce!

A brand new site has joined the wechall network.
The site is from ynori7, CPUkiller and Orpheus, and was not planned to be a challenge site, more focused on papers, articles and tutorials, all about the bit's and bytes we are interested in.
After a few months of coding they decided to add challenges too, and participate in the wechall project.

Currently the site is hosted via dyndns on their very own computers, but maybe this will change, as their stuff looks promising.

We hope you will enjoy this contribution to the world wide web, and wish you
Happy Challenging!

Oct 04, 2011 - 14:07

Security Override joined

Suprise, Suprise!

Security Override has joined the wechall network and is participating in the global rankings.
The site is from the United States and around 3-4 years old. It offers well implemented challenges from all the well known categories, and also quite some realistic webhacking challenges.
The SSH challenges are currently offline, but i hope they will get revoked again.

All in all i can say the challenges are fun and the community is worth to check out.

Many thanks go out to their admins, especially NullSet for implementing the required scripts.

We all wish you
Happy Challenging!

Sep 29, 2011 - 18:26 joined

I am happy to announce, has joined the wechall network and has been put into the rankings.

This site from Blueh4g is around 3 months old and currently offers 21 challenges.
He created this site to possibly share his findings from his studies of computer security.

We both hope you will enjoy the challenges there and wish you
Happy Challenging!

Sep 04, 2011 - 23:02

Right-Answer joined

I am happy to announce,

Right-Answer has joined the wechall network.
It is a brand-new site which offers currently 61 challenges from the following categories:
Math, Logic, Programming, Crypto, Hacking, Stegano.
The site is only one or two months old, with a fresh minimalistic design and is available in French.
According to the admin, Zathuros, the current problems should turn out to be quite easy, and he is searching people who would like to contribute stegano or hacking challenges.
Many thanks from my side for joining us!

The feeback on the site was not bad, so it is maybe worth to check out, and may it be for some french lessons only Smile

Last but not least, we wish you
Happy Challenging!

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