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pointers?  Go to the The Last Hope challenge

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Can I get some pointers on this? I've been working on it for a few good hours now and got nothing, it's very frustrating. I cracked it and removed the anti ptrace function to be able to use gdb on it, but I don't see the username any where. I didn't even began to look in the password section.

I also think I disabled the CAPS check, but not sure what the lc function does, at first I tought it check the lenghts of the username string but then I noticed I only enter it when I use all caps in the username (like AAAAA). in any case I can find my username string in the stack but I don't see the real username any where. I feel like I'm shooting blanks.

also does the md5 strings in the binary have anything do to with the user or pass? or they just decoy?
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RE: pointers?
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You did something wrong along the way Drool
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RE: pointers?
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I did it the hard way: decompile everything -- the program is small enough to be done manually -- then analyze the code.
It was fun.
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RE: pointers?
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read , use ida + gdb +python
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