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CGX#5: IRC with KVIrc (Encoding, Training, CGX)

CGX#5: IRC with KVIrc
Hello future Hackers,

Codinggeex has released their fifth video.

Again, this is just a video tutorial, to help you,to install the KVIrc IRC Client.

If you don't like the videos, do not watch them,and just mark the challenge as solved for you.

Happy Challenging!
- giz and x
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This challenge is just a video tutorial for real beginners. You can press here to mark it as solved.
# CGX#5: IRC with KVIrc

In this video we will talk quickly about the
[networking protocol](
and setup KVIrc to connect to the WeChall IRC Network.

## Specifiation

- [RFC](
- [IRC](

## Installation

- [KVIRC](
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