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CGX#13: urls (Training, CGX, Exploit, MySQL)

Hello future Hackers,

In this video we talk a bit about URLs.
If you know URLs, you will be able to solve the lessons down in the draft.

- gizmore and x
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# CGX#13: urls

In this lesson we talk about urls.

I have hidden a few inside this
document, and you probably know already what an

It is used in e.g. links to access ressources,
which is just an URL with a text, like this:


To demonstrate it, the text here equals the link.

Anyway, i am sure some
will learn something,
and some of us would
this a
from the

- [protocol](
- [host](
- port
- path
- auth
- query
- hash
- url encode
- http get it no post url
got it: ftp was
- [rants](#why-)
- maxlength
- utf8 and look-alikes

[Happy Challenging](!

- [AmirGT](,


### Why ?

Why did they use 2 different characters
for the query part of the url? (`?` and `&`)?

This complicates url a lot.
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