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Britcoin (Coding)

Britcoin – Input, Computation, Output
gizmore, sabretooth and dloser lost all their money they had invested into cryptocurrencies.
In a rush, dloser asks gizmore to create their own cryptocoin.

But before we even start we wonder about the underlying cryptographic prove of work algorithm.

Your job is to hash a hash with a nonce to produce a valid prove of work, according to the specs
Before i forget; This is your session´s initial Block data:
{"initial_trust":null,"transactions":[{"from":null,"to":"xxxx_gwf3_nosess","amt":1,"note":"Mining success"}, {"from":null,"to":"livinskull","amt":1},{"from":null,"to":"sabretooth","amt":1},{"from":"livinskull","to":"sabretooth","amt":0.000000001,"note":"Fraction check"}]}

And this is the computed nonce zero for comparison:

Your pow hash has to start with 00000000.
Your nonce is your answer, uppercase 32 hex digits.

Good luck!
Your solution for Britcoin
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