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Another english site
Sites origin country Netherlands, The
Language English
Category Tags Cracking, Crypto, Exploit, JavaScript, Math, Research, Stegano, Storyline
Site Admins Cobruto
Auto update yes
Has OnSiteRank yes
WarBoxes 0
Score 21449
Base-Score 10000
Users 3496
Challs 66
Linked users 192
Average 15.89%
Difficulty 58.33%
Enjoyment 68.75%
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I am not sure why i did that, but i set the basescore to 7500 for now (... in theory i planned to set all sites to 10000 and let the algos decide, but i think for now 39 challs is a bit low for "10,000")

leave any comments regarding listbrain here Smile
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Hi nice site Cobruto! i was the 5th-6th to register there i think Smile
Do you have any idea why the linking doesn't work? i'm pretty sure
i use the correct email. But in case i forgot the email i registered with
(yes it happens from time to time Drool ) why can't a user see his own email?
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Done, you can see your own mail and change it when you login now at the my-settings page.
The "I forgot my password"-page is coming soon. And if you guys have any suggestions just ask Drool.
Have fun, and thank you all for the nice compliments.

__Unknown Country
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Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 111 in /srv/disk6/cobruto/www/ on line 10
Cant connect to database-server
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Anyone know if cobruto is still around? Seems half the files on listbrain are unavailable and the forum is down there.
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This site is a zombie. Lots of dead links. Admin doesn't seem to be around.
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