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The BrownOS (Unknown)

The BrownOS
Reports have come in about a new kind of operating system that Gizmore is developing. Scans have detected an extra open port on that might be related to this. Additionally, one of our dumpster divers has found part of what appears to be a cheat sheet for something called "BrownOS".

Please investigate the service at port 61221.
Cheat Sheet
FF: End Of Code marker

BrownOS[<syscall> <argument> FD <rest> FD] -> BrownOS[<rest> <result> FD]

Quick debug: 05 00 FD 00 05 00 FD 03 FD FE FD 02 FD FE FD FE
For example: QD ?? FD  or  ?? ?? FD QD FD
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