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Vuln App #1
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CGX#11: Cross Site Scripting (Training, CGX, Exploit)

CGX: SQL Injection
Hello future Hackers,

In this tutorial you will learn a tiny bit about XSS.
There is a little training challenge waiting for you, which we will dicuss in the video.

You can see the source of the vulnerable application under mask1.code

You can play with it a bit, like we did in the video, and the solution is the name of the php function that you can use to display userinput safely.

- gizmore and x
Vuln App #1
Your solution for CGX#11: Cross Site Scripting
# CGX#11: Cross Site Scripting

This video introduces you to the concepts of
[Cross Site Scripting / XSS](

We will exploit a very simple XSS vuln single page application.

Please excuse us being clueless, cracking is an art ;)


- What is XSS?
- Quotes again (hopefully)
- How to output user input?
- Charset awareness
- Other techniques (HTTP Header injection? URL injection?)
- Is Cross-Site-Scripting mostly Dead?
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