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Points of Interest

This page shows POI submitted by users.
You are allowed to add 0/0 Points Of Interest.
You can protect your POI by either requiring a minimum userlevel, or by using a personal whitelist.
By default your POI are public.
Privacy gotchas
I bet some are worried about privacy and refuse to use this page.
Your requested map sections currently occur in Apache and GWF log files.
Google probably records your requests as well.
This server does not intentionally store any information on your personal location.
GWF log files are removed from the server regularly and the Apache logs could connect IPs with your requests.
The POI database only stores the POI submitted by users.
POI Statistics
There are a total of 389 POI in the database of which 305 are visible to you.
  • Click on an unmarked location to add a new POI.
  • A double click on your own POI deletes them.
  • A click on your own POI allows to rename it.
  • Adding sensitive information about others is not acceptable.
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