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PHP0819  Go to the PHP 0819 challenge

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I have installed a new challenge from space.
It should be quite easy and fits as sequel to the php08xx challenges.

Have fun!
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RE: PHP0819
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if you know how to do it, but you stuck at the input... think about the last character!!!

Common::getGetString is BTW (string)$_GET[foo]
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RE: PHP0819
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Finally solved...

For people like me with limited PHP knowledge... a hint:

google and learn about PHP string literals...
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RE: PHP0819
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I think I have the right answer, but the request used does not give the same response depending on the PHP version.
I saw that people solved the challenge a few days ago, I will search further...

... and finally solved it Smile
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RE: PHP0819
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Hello, I have an idea which lets me set the variable to any string I want... provided it starts with a letter. Is this the right thing to do? I just can't think of any way to take of that letter without functions

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RE: PHP0819
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If you start by a letter, how can you obtain "1337"?
Look for something else, I guess.
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