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Reconstruct Privat GPG key

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Reconstruct Privat GPG key
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some days ago my Notebook crashed. I'm not sure if I can get my data back. It will take at least some months until I can even try it.

I don't know much about GPG and I don't use it often, but I created one key pair:

So I know my public key, I know my passphrase and everything I used for creating the key.

Is there any way to reconstruct the private key?
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RE: Reconstruct Privat GPG key
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I don't know that much about GPG either but I am pretty sure that you cannot recreate a key pair. If I remember right, this is because the keys are created with the information that you provide plus a bunch of random (or quasi-random) noise. You will never be able to duplicate that noise so you will never recreate the key.
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