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Is This Mirmo Code...  Go to the Training: Encodings I challenge

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Is This Mirmo Code...
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What to do in this...
Is This Mirmo code...
or something else.....
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Is This Mirmo Code...
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It is a very simple (and common) encoding... you should get it in no time with a basic analysis.


With JPK you can solve _a_lot_ of simple challenges, also it _can_ help to analyze the encoded string.
Just try very basic analyse and the first thing that pops up into your mind.

JPK is _not_ needed, but i think it is nice to introduce this program somehow, as it can be quite useful.
The MirmoDecoder is useful for some infomirmo challenge, but i disabled the function because it was easier to disable it than have two versions of JPK.

MirmoDecoder got written by me because it was a perfect example for some custom encoding, and imho, the "mirmo encoding" is kinda straight forward. I hope mirmo will forgive me the day he finds out i wrote a public decoder :x
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Is This Mirmo Code...
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Oh the famous Mirmo's code... lol

It's not my own code, but a popular encoding I guess.
And it's very easy to create/decode this one.

Thanks for this tribute btw Smile
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