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Active sites

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Active sites
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It would be great to have more features to identify challenge sites, which are active.

On the sites page we have already the info which site was addes last to WeChall. And in the details we have the scoregraph, the number of users and the numer of challenges. Have I missed some features?

It would be great, if it could be possible to filter/order by e. g. number of users who registered to a site in the last x days/month/...

Additionally the info about (concurrent) active users might be interessting. And if on the site is something like a forum or a similar social function it would be great to e. g. know the number of posts in the last x days/month/...

Of course this depends on the information the sites are offering, but would this make senses? Is it possible to have such features with the informations that are there?
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RE: Active sites
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I think it makes sense to add a new sortable metric; "Activity"

It needs more thought, so

Please bump this idea once in a while
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