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I am happy to announce!

GDOv7 is kinda released under it's new name: phpgdo

This is a complete refactored version of gdo, with more clean processes and data-flow.

It's license changed to properitary, and you are hereby granted the right to install, test and debug phpgdo.

This challenge has been adapted to the new code and repositories.

- gizmore

For a quickstart:

GeSHi`ed bash code for run
git clone --recursive
cd phpgdo
./ configure # edit protected/config.php
./ provide fineprint # install fineprint websitecomposer install # install unit test framework
./ # test all available modules

Edit: I am especially happy about the performance.

I did not do much optimizations yet, and GDOv7 is already beating Wordpress6 multiple times. (4-8x faster - 4-6x less memory - filecache and memcached disabled)

Meanwhile the unit tests are doing a good job and mostly pass.

Many of the modules do not have a single Warning/Notice/Etc; and i think i can compete with the real PROs.

Of course, phpgdo is new, much is undone and the theme(s) is/are ugly.
But i am working on it!


I installed a fresh version of Laravel v9.28.0 (PHP v8.1.8) - no plugins except debug-bar.
The GDOv7 Application offers way more features here, and still beats a clean laravel by a fraction! (quite on-par)
Yet, while GDO is loading 50 modules and offers a complete (empty db) site, the laravel app cannot even log you in.
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