Restrict session to IP 

warchall bot uses old email.

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warchall bot uses old email.
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about 2 weeks ago I changed my mail address from to and uploaded my gpg key and answered the gpg-test-mail.
After a quick ssh session on I received an unencrypted mail from about the session log file, to my old address

I don't know whether it's intended for the bot to not send encryped mails, but I did expect all mails to go to the new address.
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RE: warchall bot uses old email.
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I had the same issue. Going to the initial warchall challenge and toggling email notifications off and back on fixed it.
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RE: warchall bot uses old email.
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It might be "intended", as in not implemented, that warchall logs are not sent encrypted. Though the failure to update to changed email addresses is clearly a bug. Seems like there is syncing missing at some points.

Until this is fixed, that workaround by Fjoerie will work
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