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PHP Warning(2): mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2002):

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PHP Warning(2): mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2002):
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Sorry for bothering, I just noticed that there are some issues especially the top menu nav-bar. By clicking (and tapping on the phone)... it continuously gives following error. After refreshing many times it comes back to usual behavior. It is just to let you know.

Quote from Unknown
<pre class="gwf_backtrace">
<em><p>PHP Warning(2):&nbsp;mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2002): Cannot allocate memory&nbsp;in&nbsp;<b style=\"font-size:16px;\">core/inc/GDO/db/GDO_DB_mysqli.php</b>&nbsp;line&nbsp;<b style=\"font-size:16px;\">15</b></p>
</em><hr/>Backtrace starts in www/index.php line 6.
GWF3->__construct()....... gwf3.class.php line 106.
GWF3->init().............. gwf3.class.php line 141.
GWF3:WootnStartSession().... gwf3.class.php line 353.
gdo_db().................. core/inc/GDO/GDO.php line 16.
gdo_db_instance()......... core/inc/GDO/GDO.php line 42.
GDO_DB_mysqli->connect().. core/inc/GDO/db/GDO_DB_mysqli.php line 15.
mysqli_connect().......... [unknown file] line ?.
GWF_Debug::error_handler() core/inc/util/GWF_Debug.php line 183.

Yours Faithfully - occasus

P.S.: istead of quoting, I tried to use the tags "html5" and "html4strict". Unfortunately they will just show the first line.
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RE: PHP Warning(2): mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2002):
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Dear occasus,

It's nice to read from a TBS legend.

We are currently undergoing low resources here and there from time to time.

dloser is doing his best to keep the stuff operational and i am thinking of a server upgrade.

Current problem was "non-tcp-sockets" exhausted... I added a restart to imap and smtp, maybe postfix or dovecot hog those connections (this is a shot in the blue)

Some days ago crawlers or bots hit us hard. probably chinese crawlers. dloser added a few iptable rules to keep the site up.

All in all we currently have stability issues.

Sorry for the inconvience!
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