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Introduction / README  Go to the Shadowlamb - Chapter I challenge

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Introduction / README
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For those who are like me, and don't understand Shadowlamb immediately and intuitively, here a short README.

In shadowlamb you're a character which is inside of a city. You start in the city "Redmond".
To start the game e.g. type #start male human.

A city consits of multiple places/locations, which you need to find. This is done via #explore / #exp.
Your already explored places you can see with #known_places / #kp.

Exploring the city takes a different amount of time (5 minutes in Redmond, 10 minnutes in Seattle, 15 minutes in the Forrest, etc.).
During exploring a city you will encounter either enemys - then a fight against them will start, which is done automatically but can be enhanced with (#attack / ## 1) - or other people, which you can #talk to.

You have an #inventory / #i which contains all the things you can either #use or #equip.
#equipment / #q shows you which weapons and clothes you use. They increase your powers/damage/time/etc. when attacking others.
With #cmp you can compare items in you inventory with the ones from you #equipment. You should do that often and if there is something better in you inventory you can #equip it.
With #ex you can examine the items in you inventory, to see what it is.

With #status / #s you can see information about your character.
GeSHi`ed Plaintext code
male gnome L15(31). HP:9.1/31, Atk:41.5, Def:4.7, Dmg:6.1-20.9, Arm(M/F):4.2/2.6, XP:4.47, Karma:6, ¥:18438.23, Weight:32.78kg/23.2kg.

"male gnome" is you sex and race.
L15: means you are at level 15.
(31) → don't know what this means?!?!

HP: are your health points (#hp)
If you are fighting they decrease. So you need to watch that they keep high by #use SmallFirstAid, #use FirstAid, #use Stimpatch if you have some of these in you inventory. Better not do this during a fight, because it uses extra time then.
Otherwise all kind of drinks (SmallBeer, LargeBeer, Wine, etc.) and foods (Pringles, Cake, etc.) are increasing the HP, too. And you can also increase your HP in a Hotel or Hospital (see below).

With #effects / #ef you can see the current effects, e.g. if you dring beer you have an alcohol effect (which currently does nothing). Other effects might come from #use special items, which e.g. increase your "quickness" for 30 minutes.

With #attributes / #a you can see your attributes, which you can increase with #lvlup. Doing so requires that you have #karma points.
You get karma after fighting a lot because this will increase you #experience / #xp.
With #xp you can see how much you need to reach a new level.

Weight: shows how much the content of your #inventory and #equipment weights. You cannot move (#exp, #goto) anymore if it reaches more than maxweight + 5.(!?) If this is the case you can #drop items from your inventory or you can #sell them if you are inside of a Shop location or you could store them in a Bank or you can offer them in a Bazar.

If you want to move to another location you can use #goto / #g and select one of your #known_places / #kp.

To reach more #experience faster you can also solve quests.
You can get quests in various locations via #talk shadowrun and then #talk yes to accept the quest. (in some locations are multiple people, then don't use #talk but #ttb, #ttj, etc.).
A quest is a task you have to do, e.g. bring some beers / knifes / swords / etc to the person which gave you the quest.
You can list your quests with #qu and you can also list all quests which you still need to find via #qu miss.

All your current possible commands you can list with #c l (for the long form) or just #c. #help $command will give you an explanation.

Here an overview about the functions of common locations (#kp):
Hotel: you can #sleep there and heal your HP, this takes a minute.
Hospital: you can #heal your HP there for money. You can change you gender, increase your skills/attributes and exchange current skills/attributes back to karma points with #surgery and #implant.
School: you can learn new knowledge there.
Subway: used to #travel to Seattle/etc.
Bank: you can store items and money for some amount there.
Bazar: you can buy and sell items to other players there.
Store: you can buy and sell items there.
Piercer: can implement runes into you, which increase some skills.

Some locations are entry points for some pseudo citys (e.g. Hideout, OrkHQ, ClanHQ, Forrest, etc.), you need to #explore, too. If you are at such a location you need to #enter it. If you want to get back to the regular city you need to #goto Exit and #leave.

From Redmond you can travel to Seattle with the Subway but only if you reached level 8.
Reaching level 8 takes several days of play time and is necessary for solving Shadowlamb II challenge. If you write a bot which plays for you it will be faster.

When you die during a fight you will losse money and XP and respawn and the starting location (i.e. Hotel).

The whole source code of Shadowlamb is available at:
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