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A collection of crackme's, hackme's, puzzles and games. Some are pretty simple, some... not so much...
Sites origin country United States
Language English
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Difficulty 62.50%
Enjoyment 66.67%

Comments on Wixxerd

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RE: Comments on Wixxerd
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Although i haven't really played the site, it seems to be attractive to the players.

For myself I like the Craptcha challenges, which seem to offer incorrectly implemented captchas, which i haven't seen yet on any other site.
Also coming soon is an SQL training series, where you have to construct valid queries and get a desired result set.

Original ideas and fresh wind for the challenge sites, i greatly appreciate the effort the admin is showing!

Carry on with your good work and Happy Challenging!
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RE: Comments on Wixxerd
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Yeah! I really like the sql query challenges there.
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RE: Comments on Wixxerd
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Bad news, I'm very sad at the moment. It seems is at the end... And I had some challenges, which I really wanted to understand how they worked. Only 5 not more. Anyways Wixxerd: from my side I wish good luck for everything and for your ongoing life... You definitely did a really great job... reallly!!!

My most Respect - Sincerely Yours
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