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HaX.ToR.Hu is a challenge site putting emphasis on teaching basic security related issues in a fun way.

Players get a free shell account to use (with web/mail hosting) on a server (with gigabit bandwidth) dedicated to security folks.

A few examples of HaX.ToR challenges:

Level 1. Make a URL display a text of my choice
Level 7. snifflog.txt - ngrep format
Level 13. PHP with source - needs exploiting and/or Confused-t-b thinking
Level 16. root:hsmfs;g@
Level 21. Backdoor on a suspended domain
Level 26. PHP filemanager with source - needs more exploit
Level 28. telnet:// - Google Word Game
Level 33. Defense Information Systems Agency -
Level 39. China Science And Technology Network
Level 40. I can has satellite?
Level 48. .htaccess editor vs basic auth
Level 49. Forged DNS from the CIA
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The site is down
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Still down. Setting staus to temp. down.
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