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Oct 03, 2019 - 12:27

247CTF joined

We are happy to announce...
Another site has been put into the wechall rankings.

The site is which is brand new and makes a solid impression.

The author told us the following.

Quote from "two47CTF"

I enjoy playing CTF challenges, but often found that I was not available in
the short time period that the CTF was open (usually a weekend). I also
found that often times people would unintentionally (or intentionally)
break a challenge either during or after solving it. I also don't enjoy
enumeration during a CTF, I prefer a straight forward problem to which you
need to solve. As a solution to these frustrations, I created 247CTF which
is a CTF platform that does not have an end date, nor does it have
challenge sharing between different players (each challenge instance is
unique per user), nor is significant enumeration required.

I set a basescore of 10000 and we all wish you a
Happy Challenging!
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