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Aug 13, 2010 - 21:27

HackBBS joined

HackBBS joined

I am happy to announce, that a new site is participating in the wechall rankings.
HackBBS is a french site, with a quite large userbase.
It is using an external phpbb forum, to keep the challenge and forum stuff apart, as the eternal goal on the site is to break into the server.

The site offers currently 84 challenges from the usual categories, but seems focused on exploit/hacking challenges.
According to the Admin, you are encouraged and allowed to crack the server by all means Smile
Of course, you should not interrupt the server from it`s normal operation.
Also there are some "shell" challenges available, and all (but one) of the exploit challenges are real and not simulated.
Of course, to get your own impression, you have to try the site out!

Many thanks go out to it`s Admin, Korigan for implementing the needed scripts,
as well as kev1 and harry41 for contacting the admin in a proper and private way.

Happy Challenging!
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