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Jun 27, 2010 - 14:01

Tools & Design joined

Dear Challengers,

I am happy to announce that a new site is participating and has been put into scoring now. is a classic challenge site that currently offers 83 challenges, mostly focused on webhacking,
but you will also find extra sections for Logic, Programming and Cracking. Of course, some crypto and stegano is involved too.

I settled the basescore to 10,000 as i think all sites will get the 10k any soon (with one or two exceptions).

The site is integrated into a 3rd party software, and seems to have a few problems with usability. But that won`t stop a skilled player to solve the challenges there Smile

- If you can`t get a challenge mark as solved, try to logout/login again. It seems that the first auto-login does not set all cookies, or there is another problem with the first auto-login.
- The username on the site seems case-sensitive. Keep that in mind when linking accounts

Last but not least i want to inform you that there have been problems with my email account on wechall.
It might be that some emails got lost due a spam-filter.
If you have sent me an email and i did not answer, please send the mail(s) again.

Happy Challenging!
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