Restrict session to IP 

Optional scripts for more interaction

4) [OPTIONAL] A page that shows your users profile.

This is more part of your site, optional, and will show a (complete) profile of the user.
If you like to support us with this script, make sure you don't need to login for that.
Again, you can choose the filename and vars for your script freely.
Profile scripts that use an URL like profile/%%USERNAME%%.html will work fine too.
5) [OPTIONAL] Updating WeChall automatically
There are two ways to automatically update your users scores on WeChall:

- The first is to have your application make a request to
whenever a user completes a challenge.
This will return a text string with the result of the operation.
Click here to view example code

- The second is to put an image in the page a user gets when he/she solves a challenge.
This will return an image with the result of the operation.
Click here to view example code

If you opt to do this, the users won't have to make periodical requests to your site to update their stats on wechall. Instant updates also might help to detect cheaters better.

By the way, there is no need to display the results to your users, you may discard the output and simply don't show it. For example you can use an image with hidden display and size 1x1 when using the image method.
6) [OPTIONAL] Pipsqueek-IRC-Bot Interaction
A script that returns userstatus in form of a single text line. We use this bot on
The content type has to be text/plain and the output has to be a single line, not exceeding 192 characters.
The script has to be like Note that the GET parameter username can not be chosen freely.
It is also a nice feature to display the stats for rank #N with this script when an integer is given as username
7) [OPTIONAL] A script that can push the latest forum threads.

Your script has to output the latest N forum threads newer or equal to a datestamp.
The datestamp has to be in the format YYYYmmddhhiiss.
Your query has to be ordered by thread_lastpostdate DESC.
Your output has to print the result in reverse order.
You have to escape : with \: and \n with \\n.
The columns are: threadid::datestamp::boardid::url::nickname::threadname

Click here for an example on the server side

Click here for an example on the client side

If you like to, I can implement this script for you, in case you use some known forum software, like phpbb.Meanwhile there are scripts for a very few well known forum softwares available.You can take a look at them in the gwf3 code repository.