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[Question]Challenge Solution Sharing Banned?

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[Question]Challenge Solution Sharing Banned?
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Hi , I'm new to this site
I've read the "Terms of Use"
But I googled around , There are "something" on blogspot

Question : Does it mean NOT TO post the solution in THIS SITE, or ...any other website?
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RE: [Question]Challenge Solution Sharing Banned?
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It means that:
1. You do not share your solution with other users or people who may or may not be registered.
2. You do not post solutions here or on any site
3. You do not use solutions found elsewhere to rank up.

Sharing hints with users is fine but sharing solutions is like someone handing you a completed sudoku. The primary goal of challenge sites is never to show off your rank, it is about education and learning. If someone uses the solutions which are found on other sites or given by someone else then they skip this vital step.

Personally I work in the security field as a penetration tester and I can certainly guarantee that I would not have gotten this job if not for the knowledge which I gained through various challenge sites over the last 15 years Smile

This said, we don't bite. Ask for hints by all means and consider joining our IRC channel where you can talking in realtime to many users or specific users.

Above all else have fun, and remember the journey is more important than the destination.
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RE: [Question]Challenge Solution Sharing Banned?
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One, perhaps obvious, additional note: once you have solved a challenge you get access to the solution board for that challenge. It is allowed to discuss solutions to that challenge there. However, it is still wise to be careful what you post on those boards, because some solutions can also be used for other challenges.

And yes, the site you found violates the terms.
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