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Some hints?  Go to the Training: RegexMini challenge

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Some hints?
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Can i get a little hint? Smile
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RE: Some hints?
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Read up on what that regex *really* means Smile
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RE: Some hints?
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Well, I know what it means<br>
but i cant find the correct syntax - could someone confirm that it still works?
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RE: Some hints?
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It definitely still works.
hint for all php related challenges: rtfm Smile
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RE: Some hints?
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hi, i think the key is on: '/^[a-zA-Z]{1,16}$/'
because it should be like '/^[A-Za-z]{1,16}$/' so you can use more char types,
but it doesnt work, I was trying anything I thought, scape characters, string end but nothing works
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RE: Some hints?
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One hint more: Read carefully the anchors part of sutugud player's link above
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RE: Some hints?
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I am stuck at a probably really trivial step ... I think I know what needs to be done, but I have no idea how to enter it correctly. Problem: the php 'single quotes' mechanism. Searching the web for hours did not help, leaving me feeling extremely stupid. Can anyone give me a hint where to look? (sorry for the vague problem description, it is hard to be more explicit without spoilering)
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RE: Some hints?
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Sound like you ar on a wro\ng track
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RE: Some hints?
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is this Q about for Multiline Mode m modifier?
maybe about anchor ^ or $ with \n...??
hmm at first glance, how easy but not... preg_match <16 and strlen>16 seems to be core....
more work and study?

may do i use Ruby?? in ruby,In Ruby, the caret and dollar also always match at the start and end of each line.
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