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I have lost 2 places in the rankings here playing Mortal Coil Sad Smile
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I finally got around to putting some real effort into and I just wanted to say "Great Site".

Also, the forums are very helpful. There are a lot of tips and tricks buried in there, but no spoilers. It is a good place to learn.
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The site is down since 2012-05-03. Does anyone know when it will be back again?
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Google/translate2Thank You!1Good Post!0Bad Post! link was down for a few days (error 500).
Now the homepage is ok, but I still get the error 500 when I try to log in / enter forum etc.
Does anyone know what is the status with this site?
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On this matter (and amongst others) I have tried to contact Adum around new year. Adum thankfully got up and running again.

Unfortunately linking WeChall to seems not to be possible any more. Another error 500 maybe?
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Contacted adum and he fixed WeChall linking and scoring scripts today! Smile
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