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Comments on +Ma's Reversing

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Comments on +Ma's Reversing
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Iirc this was the first site I registered on. About 5 or 6 years ago. Didn't get far Smile
Then I forgot all about it for a few years, until we started WeChall.
Now I have finally completed all challenges there.

A very good site, really a challenge.
At first I really hated it that you had to solve each challenge before you can access the next, but now I think it's good.
It forces you to really focus on each and every one. I don't think I would have reached 100% if it were otherwise.

Thanks +Mala for this site, and thanks to all the helpful people in the forum there.

PS: level 23 is broken and should be removed.
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Comments on +Ma's Reversing
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Nice Kender!!! You already solved 4 sites 100% Happy Nice work!

Which one is next?
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Comments on +Ma's Reversing
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electrica xD.Anyway,you're not far away from 4 sites solved at 100%,mego Drool
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RE: Comments on +Ma's Reversing
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I have a suspicion that level 13 has been made unavailable by some changes on 2016. Can someone verify if the level is still solvable?
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RE: Comments on +Ma's Reversing
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Not sure what you mean. I successfully got all the parts that are needed from the site, so I guess it's solvable. Maybe you can elaborate what you think is wrong.
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RE: Comments on +Ma's Reversing
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There is a problem: Error accessing DB, try again later please.


For jusb3, it's solvable but very long riddle with different things to find.
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