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Increase the Performance of (Fast)CGI Applications

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Increase the Performance of (Fast)CGI Applications
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I just had a brilliant idea.

Imagine a wordpress website.

The website application has todo various things.

I) Receive user input
II )Load Wordpress plugins
III) Interpret user input
IV) Calculate Output
V) Send response

Now the clue is; Step II) can be done before ány connection and input is accepted from the httpd.

I could imagine to intruduce a new ruby/php/node/c#/abap keyword or function: "listen_and_accept" which will put your application into the accept state.
Code before this state can be done (without input) to preheat the process.
Maybe a mapping, ModuleLoader, LanguageFileLoading,Autoload, etc.

What do you think?

I hope this was readsonable
- gizmore
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