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Help for challenges on Hax.Tor.Hu (haxtor)

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Help for challenges on Hax.Tor.Hu (haxtor)
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Hello dear Challengers,
first of all, I dunno if this is a good idea to create such a thread. Mods, please feel absolutely free to delete this thread if not relevant (pertinent, allowed).

In this case I was wondering if someone has solved challanges on the in-the-title definded site. Actually I started 26 Nov. 2018. And proudly went through the challs getting stuck on level 32.

Now I got some parts on level 32 and was wondering if I could ask for help in this thread... Or in case I may send a pm with all the trial&error I did 'till now.

Sincerely Yours - occasus
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RE: Help for challenges on Hax.Tor.Hu (haxtor)
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I'd say it is ok to ask for help here, but without including potential spoilers. If someone is available, they say so and then you can discuss the details in private.

P.S. I'm always available!
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