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A Hacker wrote a book

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A Hacker wrote a book
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I once wrote a very small book with Wanda and turned it into a challenge.
Lately, ynori7, founder of valhalla hacking site, wrote a book as welll
If you like books and hacking you might be interested in a book from a young author that was playing challenges as well.

I will just copy some email here......

Quote from ynori7

Hey gizmore,

Thanks again for agreeing to make a post. Here's an idea for a post body
(feel free to adjust the phrasing to make it sound more like you). Is this
the kind of thing you had in mind?

Hey everyone, I just heard from one of our members and site owners, ynori7
(owner of Halls of Valhalla), and he told me that he recently published two
novels! The first one might be particularly interesting for all of you.
It's called A Fatal Exception, and it includes a lot of security and
hacking-related content and additionally a fair bit of IT-related humor.

A Fatal Exception is a hardboiled detective story set in a dystopian future
and centered around a quirky robot who may be self-aware and nearly human,
or perhaps he's just the result of unusual programming and upbringing.
Perhaps there's no difference between the two. All that's clear is that
Seven Sinclair is a strange bird and a hard case, and when an investigation
into a simple hack gets him framed for murder he has to try to solve the
case and clear his name. It's available in ebook and paperback format here:

It's a great story which catches you straight from the get-go with its
witty humor and unusual protagonist who has a knack for throwing out great
one-liners that'll make you laugh out loud. With it's fun humor, fast-paced
mystery, and unusually accurate technical details which you can even learn
from, A Fatal Exception is definitely worth checking out.

You can also find more information and updates from ynori7 on his author
page here:

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