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Rubik's Cube  Go to the Rubik's Cube challenge

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Rubik's Cube
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Spaceone wanted to share a challenge with you.

Happy Challenging!
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RE: Rubik's Cube
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If you consider to buy a real rubik cube - and I suggest you to do this! - then here's my advise:
Buy a speed cube! Don't buy the 80ers original one. They don't rotate well, it will get on your nerves.
Buy a 5,5 * 5,5 cm cube, don't buy the original cube which is 6,Xcm.
Don't buy on amazon (never)!
If you have time to wait 3 weeks for shipping you can get really good speed cubes for 1€ directly from china.
Ebay is the best place to get a cheap one.

I got two of those:
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