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Aug 14, 2020 - 11:46

PromptRiddle joined

Dear Challengers,

I am happy to announce that a new site has joined the wechall network.

PromptRiddle is from Brazil and it seems to be in english.
I did not check out the site much, but the name is clever. It even has a prompt theme and soundtrack.
The challenge categories shall be Crypto, Stegano and Logic whereas 57 challenges are available.
In the beginning it really looks more like a puzzle/riddle side, not that techy so far... but this seems to change later on.

The authors want to add this in the news:

The game has a hackish-theme and is based on a computer terminal emulator.
The player is in constant communication with Cyber, the fictional main
character of Promptriddle. The passwords are usually encrypted in physical
resources, like in images, in texts and/or in audios. Promptriddle is still
growing and has currently 57 levels online. Each level may be independent
or not from the previous ones.

In the name of Daniel Bentes Ferreira, Eduardo Dadalto Câmara Gomes and Leonardo Cesar Wolter

we all wish you...

Happy Challenging!
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