You want to buy a new M4C box, but your father, Bill doesnt want to pay for that. He is one of the richest people in the world, but he says M4C is not a good OS, use W1nd0w5 instead. You decided to get his credit card account with the CVV codes, so you can buy online your M4C. The problem is, that the credit card is always with your father and you have no chance to access it. You know, that your father writes every secret passwords and informations in his KeePass database, but you don't know the password for the KeePass file. One day you look behind the shoulders of your father when he logs into the W1nd0w5, and after he logs into KeePass. The passwords looks very similar...

You could spot that the password is very very long, mixed case alphanumerical. Maybe there is a good way to crack the W1nd0w5 password, and you have the chance that the same password is used for KeePass.

You boot your father home box with a Live L1nux CD, and copy the keepass.kdb and the encrypted c:\windows\system32\config\SAM and c:\windows\system32\config\system files to your pendrive.

After you have the credit card number, expiration date and the CVV code, paste it here in the format you have found it.
Credit card info:
hidden hint: Sdfr swri cntjh ea rnjuah ws jawrs fm sdqaa hfllaqams vwyr: Sda lfqrs wmh oqalaqqah vwy fr sn tra qwfmenv swejar. F rtbbars Nodcqwci lnq sdfr cdwjjamba - ets ynt dwua sn hnvmjnwh w ~ 380 KE qwfmenv sweja. Sda racnmh vwy fr trfmb rnka eqtsa lnqca wsswci - fs maahr w jns nl COT ets fs'r rnjuaweja. Wmh lfmwjjy fl ynt dwua jtci sdaqa wqa rnka nmjfma JK cqwcifmb owbar, kwyea sday cwm cqwci fs lnq ynt. Fl ynt dwua mns sqfah qwfmenv swejar yas, bfua sdak w sqy :)