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Happy-Security is a german challenge site. {also translated in english}
Beside the 'normal' challenge sections, there are IRC-Challenges which encourage people to try out irc a bit. Each challenge earns you virtual money, which can be spent on hints for the problems, or exchanged with other users. Its also possible to earn money with contributing to the project.
Sites origin country Germany
Language German
Category Tags Cracking, Exploit, Flash, IRC, Java, JavaScript, Crypto, Logic, Programming, Stegano, Science, Math
Site Admins Tsutomu
Auto update yes
Has OnSiteRank yes
WarBoxes 0
Score 25407
Base-Score 10000
Users 23495
Challs 183
Linked users 345
Average 25.68%
Difficulty 63.33%
Enjoyment 66.07%
IRC Contact irc://
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Happy Security has translated most of the challenges to english.

Thus, i raised the basescore for it from 6000 to 8000.

A few challenges that have much text are still on the todo, so maybe some german challenger likes to translate the MRISC manual, as an imaginary example.

The ciphertexts are still german, but for some challs it`s very nice to have the description in english, so:

Good Job HappySecurity!

BTW: We plan to raise scores for other foreign "quality" sites as well, not sure if the translation will affect the changes at all in the end ;)

Happy Challenging
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It would be great if they'll translate Exploit levels.
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well Smile the tasks are near by completely translated. But we are working on it for you.

just the websites are originally in the created language. Every website which will be exploited in real life stays in origin. Also the content is just to make the challs more realistic.
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