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Challengeland is a site of war games to learn and improve your hacking skills created by Redexel and Germanlm93
Sites origin country Colombia
Language English
Category Tags Cracking, Crypto, Exploit, JavaScript, Programming, Realistic, Research
Site Admins redexel, germanlm93
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Difficulty 50.00%
Enjoyment 50.00%
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RE: Comments on Challengeland
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As I almost solved all of them, I give my impression on the site:
There are some guessing at some points:
realistic 2: The exploit is well-known but not simulated (meaning there is only one possibility and it's in lowercase).
Javascript 6: A little bit weird: You need to apply the hint on the solution directly.
2) I think some challs have not enough hints:
Crypto 1,5,6,9. & Trivia 2,6.
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