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Jul 14, 2015 - 19:57

Stereotyped challs joined

We are happy to announce…

Stereotyped Challenges is now scored.
The Site has been listed as coming soon for a while, and now stypr has implemented the scripts for wechall scoring.

Stereotyped Challenges has been launched in November 2014, and thus is quite new with 12 challenges at the point of writing.
Stypr is in the early twenties, and is studying beside working in the mobile security sector.

The design goal of the Stereotyped Challenges is being difficult, fun and having a learning effect.
There are more challenges ready in the queue, and maybe more users are a motivation for stypr to release them more quickly.

The Site is from south korea, but has been completely created in english, so i think it´s correct to set the language to english here as well.
The scoring is still set to the defaults, and i leave that part to dloser.

And of course we all wish you…
Happy Challenging!
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