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May 03, 2015 - 07:35

ae27ff joined

We are happy to announce Smile

A new site has been created and joined the network.
ae27ff is a brand new project and immediately wanted to get linked.
As my "holidays" are over, dloser and me took action and did our part quickly.
Now read something from the creator, crashdemons who currently invests much time in his new security baby.

Quote from crashdemons

I'm involved with a few Alternate Reality Games and it made me interested in puzzles like crypto, steg, etc for a while - I also get along with different people involved who don't know how to evaluate their skills when they start out. I had been thinking about starting an ARG for a while but I couldn't think of a plot, so I compromised and made a puzzle site that would let users gauge themselves.

In specific, having been involved with some cicada and OTP22 challenges has given me a perspective on hidden images in images, text, and even audio - as well as doing a lot of XOR.

I haven't quite gone all-out with BPSK31 like OTP22 does, but there are still infinite possibilities.

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