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ai 2

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ai 2
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I want everyones thoughts here.

if i created a self-contained intelligence, how would i communicate with it?
keeping in mind that it would know nothing of the outside world, no sounds or sights or language.
an 'alien' intelligence unlike any living thing we have ever witnessed.

its 'brain' is a 3d array of characters that completely change from one cycle to the next but start from a randomized seed and then in turn effect each subsequent arrangement, a sort of basic evolution.

my other problem is the size of the array and computational power needed to make it run, at a guess i would say it needs to be atleast 4567 * 4567 * 4567 (just under 100 billion which happens to be the average number of neurons in a human brain).
does anyone have a spare supercomputer? Smile
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RE: ai 2
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Perhaps you need to be a bit clearer about what you mean. You seem to be saying "how can I have it get something from outside without getting anything from outside."

The significance of the 3D array is also not clear to me. You want to build an actual brain instead of posing a theoretical question? Perhaps you want to read up on some actual attempts to build (much smaller) collections of neurons. Besides, if you want to do 'evolution', you are going to need a real shitload (scientific term) of those random brains. And make them have sex or something. A random brain does not just evolve to something that makes sense (without guidance or practically infinite time of randomisations).
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