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Question about LFSR  Go to the Three Times Sad challenge

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Question about LFSR
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Are we allowed(given) information about the internal construction of the LFSR? I mean hardware schematics. I ask because I'm trying to treat this problem like the problem of decrypting DVD movies encrypted with CSS. In that case you don't know the key, but you know the schematics of the LFSR.

Final and concluding question: are we supposed to research for the schematics of the LFSR, or it is mentioned just for story line and the problem just asks us to crack messages encrypted with the same pad?

I know that if the schematics are know the problem would be much easy than when we have to crack 3 time pads.
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RE: Question about LFSR
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The information the challenge gives you should be sufficient. Researching things you don't fully understand is, of course, always a good thing. Smile
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