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This page seems to have been hacked.  Go to the Training: PHP LFI challenge

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This page seems to have been hacked.
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It seems to me that this page has been hacked as there is this text on the page:
Dude, you got hacked by ZeroCool Happy Contact me...

Aso, I was wondering if the safety, which allows you only to access files in the pages directory, doesn't prohibit you from accessing the solution.php file as it is not in that page folder. Or are we supposed to circumvent that safety as well?
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RE: This page seems to have been hacked.
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Thank you very much for your report, we are currently investigating the breach ...

Haha, sorry buddy ... this one is just an easteregg Smile

Of course i have taken care of security, and if you can circumvent anything, please report it Smile

Again: Thank you very much report! Your feedback is appreciated

Good luck on the challenges
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RE: This page seems to have been hacked.
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As far as i can tell, this is an hommage on HappySecurity site, reference to ZeroCool challenge(s?)

Also the nickname ZeroCool is from the hackers movies.

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