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Black sheep returned

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Black sheep returned
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The black sheep is online again Here:
Can you give possibility to add accounts to wechall rank?
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RE: Black sheep returned
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Is it online again or did you just found a part that is still online? Going to suggest the latter.

Last message from Erik might be hopeful, though:
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RE: Black sheep returned
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It is only the homepage which is down, the challenges are still accessible. I emailed Erik about it a few months ago, here's what he said.

"Dear Hul3man,

You can still access all the challenges (and the entire site, actually), e.g go here:

We hope to get the site back properly, but unfortunately lack the time to do so.

With apologies, thanks, and best wishes,
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RE: Black sheep returned
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Yes. Actually you can reach all parts of the site. I also logged in and solved (if I remember correctly) one of the JavaScript challs. An alert appeared stating it as solved. But in the chall page (logged in) it remains unsolved and the nr. of solved challs does not change, too.
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