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Cleaning up the active sites sidebar

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Cleaning up the active sites sidebar
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A few of the sites in the active sites sidebar have been down or dead for a while.

DareYourMind died in a hard drive crash and probably won't be coming back. has been down for 2+ years I think.
Hack Me has had its domain parked for over a year.
No Such Con 2013 hasn't had its challenges available for a while, and the warbox is marked as dead (even though the site isn't)
Mathchall has its domain parked and probably won't be coming back. has had its domain bought and redirects to something which is distinctly not a challenge site.

There are also a few which I can't be sure are completely dead, but have been inaccessable for a few months. hasn't been accessible since May 2017
informirmo hasn't been accessible since June 2017

It is possible to get a few of these sites marked dead so that the active sites is more accurate?
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RE: Cleaning up the active sites sidebar
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Done. Thanks for the list. I've only marked them as down, because otherwise all the points are removed, I think.

NSC2013 is technically still available, but only through a downloadable VM.
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