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Software development

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Software development
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would someone be interested in coding some services and applications for fun and profit?

My idea is to pick and brainstorm a project as the first step.
We will go open source visible but with a commercial license (i think?) and incomes, if any, should be used to enlarge the "company".
Of course nobody can pay us in the beginning, but maybe the team decides to pick a project that is profitable early.

First bad ideas:

- wont tell - a single purpose website that says i will not tell you more about this.

- thirsty - An app that you can press when you are thirsty and got nothing to drink and no money etc. The global struggle for water is displayed on a world map. Donations are handed to volunteers who can actively fight individual thirst users.

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Any ideas are welcome, and If you are interested, leave me a pm.
As soon as there are a few interested people, we could gather in skype or alike and invent a first project Smile

Happy hacking!
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