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Sites origin country Korea, Republic Of
Language English
Category Tags Cracking, Crypto, Exploit, Web
Site Admins St4rburst
Auto update yes
Has OnSiteRank yes
WarBoxes 0
Score 9996
Base-Score 5000
Users 1894
Challs 15
Linked users 155
Average 14.03%
Difficulty 75.00%
Enjoyment 100.00%
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Remote Update is broken:
<pre>0</pre> is not a valid response from CanHackMe.
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RE: Comments on CanHackMe
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Hi, is the site still alive? I managed to find a solution for some of the challenges that works fine on my side, but the Tester doesn't seem to do anything. I've even tried some challenges that I solved earlier with no result, is the Tester sill working?
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