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The Crash ()

The Crash
My system harddisk crashed and I have lost the password to all my encrypted harddisks.
The only thing I got is a file encrypted with AES256, where I am sure I am using the same password.
The algorithm I have used to encrpyt the file was something like $IV.AES256($pt, SHA256($password)).
Can you help me to recover my password please?
Oh, i am quite sure i chose seven random lowercase letters as the password. I guess this will help you a lot :)

Note: The password is bound to your username (or session in case you are not logged in) and the plaintext was some php script I wrote. You can download the ciphertext here.
The final solution to this challenge is the 8 letter random password followed by an underscore and the md5sum of the decrypted file. Example: abcdefgh_12345678901234567890123456789012.

Good luck!
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